On what Fit Diet Catering consist in and how does it work?

Fit Diet catering is a box diet – a set of meals specially prepared by specialists in the nutrition field, which is delivered to the client’s home every day.
A dietary catering is a great solution for anyone who wants to take care of their health, appearance and start to eat rationally. The diet consists of 5 balanced meals with specific amount of calories, adjusted to the client. In our offer you can find special diets like: balanced, sports, vegetarian, for children, juice detox and in the case of food intolerances, a gluten-free and lactose-free diet.

Meals composed by a dietitian are prepared by experienced chefs according to the HACCP system. To prepare all dishes are using fresh and high-quality products. We try to make all meals diverse and characterized by high nutritional content.
Ready meals are tightly packaged and cooled, so thanks to this we can be sure that all prepared dishes are of the highest quality. Each box is marked with a special sticker with the name of the meal, number, information about the preferred form of consumption (hot/cold), caloric value, division of macronutrients and allergens.

The diet meal set prepared in this way is delivered by our driver to your address every evening.
From that moment everything changes …

From now you do not make a grocery shopping, do not cook, do not wash dishes, do not count calories, do not sit over recipes and you save your TIME – at least 2 hours a day that you can spend on rest, with family, doing your hobby – what you only want!

Healthy! Tasty! Comfortably!