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Fit Diet Catering- How are we working?

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Choose a diet and calorie tailored to your needs.

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Our Chef and Dietician make sure that meals are balanced, tasty and healthy

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  • Fit Diet Catering helps on the way to the Championship!

    What kind of diet Anna chose?

    Diet Fit BALANCE 2200 kcal

    Anna Peplowska

    Olympish Taekwondo Gold Medal World Cup Belgium

  • Professionally, deliciously and healthy🔥

    What kind of diet Justyna chose?

    Diet Fit BALANCE 1500 kcal

    Justyna Kozakiewicz

  • Delicious meals, very nice and helpful service. Healthy food and the awareness that I don't have to spend half of the day in the kitchen influenced me very well💕

    What kind of diet Dona chose?

    Diet Fit BALANCE 1500 kcal

    Dona Bedla

  • Professionalism and pro-active approach to the customer. I have an irregular life so I have frequent pauses. Always Fit Diet calls me to confirm the dates.
    The food is very tasty and varied.

    What kind of diet Malgosia chose?

    Diet Fit BALANCE 1500 kcal


  • I want to recommend to everyone who wants to lose weight, try Fit Diet. The meals are tasty. I lost 6 kg in 2 weeks.

    What kind of diet Benno chose?

    Diet Fit BALANCE 1800 kcal

    Benno Ruiterman